Profitably detoxifying Distillery and Sugar Industry waste water

We have created a low cost anaerobic digestion based solution to distillery and sugar industry waste problem, using innovative reactor design and new materials like geotextiles instead of conventional concrete and steel reactors that are expensive to build as well as operate.

Our solution profitably converts this waste into gas and water fit for agricultural use, making this a standalone, profitable venture with a payback period of around three years.

Conventionally, distillery Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) are built from concrete or steel, leading to high capex and therefore project unviability.

We have re-engineered the process flow and the digester design to optimise costs :

  1. Innovative use of materials like geotextiles and special designs keeps capex low
  2. Because of the low cost per digester, we can also offer multi-stage solutions, which have a higher efficiency as per established science
  3. We have also used IoT to integrate pH, temperature, flow and gas sensors into a web enabled interface that automatically keeps the plant at optimal operations

In brief, our technology securely covers open air lagoons with a geotextile fabric roof. The cover is leak-proof, and strong enough to withstand Indian weather conditions. We can convert your existing lagoon into a anaerobic digester, or dig a new low cost pit, line it properly to make it leak-proof, and then cover it with a geotextile fabric roof.

Apart from long range trials with a neighbouring distillery, we are in the process of implementing this system at another distillery.