We are an innovation based waste to energy company that specialises in renewable energy and enriched organic manure from dry as well as wet organic waste. We have evolved our own poly-phasic, poly-feed anaerobic digestion technology (Patent pending) that allows us to customise plants and to tailor them to local conditions and waste availability.

Almost any type of organic matter can be converted into clean, natural gas – the real challenge lies in being able to do so profitably. Our specialty is to assess all organic waste available nearby and to design an anaerobic digestion system tailor made for your waste and operational conditions. The overall design is such that the payback period of your investment is between 3 to 4 years.

Additionally, we understand that most often such plants are in rural areas, where the cost of skilled manpower and engineers can be high. Therefore our process design uses intelligent control systems so that locally available semi-skilled manpower and a couple of supervisors can operate the complete plant – no need for onsite specialists. Our centralised command and control capabilities take care of the all the rest.

We also augment the organic manure produced as a by product so that it becomes part replacement for chemical fertilisers used by farmers.

We are GreenOil – we have a simple vision of helping heal the earth by propagating “cradle to cradle” process that clean the environment and help society as they work.